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How To Improve Gas Mileage? 6 Tips To Better Gas Mileage

Allen Scofield

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With the never ending increase in gas prices, everyone is out looking at how to increase gas mileage in order to save a bit of money. Since the days of low gas prices are long gone, here are some easy tips which should allow you to achieve more gas mileage.

1 Drive Slow

Driving at a speed of less than 65/mph or 120 km/h will help you reduce your gas consumption thus having less to pay for your gas.

2 Check you Pressure Tire

Have your car tires inflated, a poor tire pressure can cost you up to 5% of your overall gas mileage.

3 Make your Car lighter

Some of us like to carry our life in our vehicle and having a heavier car is tougher on your engine therefore using more gas. Clean up your car of all unnecessary stuff!

4 Change your Air Filter

Dirty air filter can prevent as much as 10% fuel economy. Do yourself a favor, buy a new air filter!

5 Tune up your Car

I know this is not a cheap option, but having your car completely tuned up will greatly improve your gas mileage.

6 Accelerate gently and keep your distance

Going full throttle on your pedal is hard on you engine and so it is when you break. . so to make sure you avoid always pressing on the accelerator and break pedal keep your distance

Not everyone can afford these days to not look at their driving habits, making few changes can greatly make wonders on your gas budget. These few tips should help us wait until hydrogen powered cars enter the mainstream. If those few tips are not enough you can always convert you car to partially run on water!

Until very recently, thousands of people have converted their car to this easy and affordable option.

For more information and videos about how to improve gas mileage vehicle visit the site below.

Find how to improve your gas mileage and increase your fuel economy by 50%

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Top Tips to Improve Your Gas Mileage
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