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Water 4 Fuel - Increase Your Car Gas Mileage


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So you've probably already heard the gas price will rise to about seven dollars per gallon by the end of 2008. Gas price right now is already reaching 4 dollar per gallon! I have no doubts that gas prices will rise by about 4-5 dollars by 2009.

What really surprised me is that most people do not know about alternative fuel sources. Most of them just think that there are no way out and the only way to avoid this is to use public transportation or buy a hybrid car.

Believe it or not but you can easily build a hydrogen fuel system into your car under less than $200 with parts that you can buy at your hardware store. You also should know that a little bit of gasoline is needed. You may even be able to find some of these parts around your home.

The process of converting water into fuel involve electrolysis. Electrolysis will convert water into a usable fuel source. That is as simple as I can explain it to you and it is really that simple. This system can just be attached right into your engine and it will need to use your battery power to operate.

You can easily remove and install the system into your engine. All you need to do is add water after that and let it work. Your can double your gas mileage and improve your car performance by years. You will help prevent global warming and helps the environment because the exhaust is mostly water.

Thousands of drivers have converted their car to use water as fuel. It is simple, cheap and will save you lots of gas money. Click here for more details.

- Your car life will increase
- Your car will gain power
- You might double the mileage on your car and get a fuel economy increase of up to 75%

Click here for proofs, details, testimonials, and MUCH more!


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Convert Water to Fuel For Your Car Drastically Increase Fuel Economy by Using ..
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