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How To Make Brown's Gas and Cut Your Gas Pump Bills By Half


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One of the best ways in which you can cut your gas bills by as much as half is to make your car use brown's gas as a supplement fuel. But how can you make Brown's Gas?

The scientific term for Brown's Gas is Oxyhydrogen which is made up of 2 atoms of Hydrogen and 1 atom of Water (the same proportion as water). What differentiates it from water is the way these 3 atoms are connected to each other. It is this unique makeup which lends Oxyhydrogen some excellent qualities: It can burn very efficiently and releases a huge amount of energy during burn. It turns into water vapor when it does so.

Oxyhydrogen can actually be made out of water when it undergoes an electrolysis process. This gas is also known as Brown's Gas after Yull Brown, who patented the process by which this gas is made out of water.

How To Make Brown's Gas is a very simple Process:

  1. Water is the main ingredient through which you make Brown's gas. In cars and trucks water is placed in a special container under the hood.
  2. You need a source of electricity to turn the water into Brown's Gas. In vehicles this is done by connecting the water container to the car's battery.
  3. Once you have Brown's Gas, you need a spark to ignite it and make it burn. Now you have a ton of energy.

The way people use Brown's Gas to save on gasoline and diesel bills is to convert their car to run on water, or on Brown's Gas. The car provides the ignition to start the burning process of Brown's Gas, and the energy it releases serves as a supplement to the energy our regular fuel provides. In this way your car can do a lot more miles on the same amount of fuel.

Some people report as much as a 60% increase in miles per gallon after they turn their car to use Brown's Gas. They save hundreds and thousands of dollars each year on gas bills. As Brown's Gas is also safe for your engine, you also save on repair bills.

To see how you can save a ton of money on gas, click this link: How To Use Brown's Gas To Increase Your Mileage by 50% . John Drummond is a scholar and writer. To read his review of how you can utilize water to save thousands of dollars a year on gas bills, click here: Convert Your Car To Brown's Gas and Save Cash


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Run Your Car on Half Water, Half Gas Save Fuel Costs!
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