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Car Tips For Buying Used Cars


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Buying a used car comes with its own troubles because you don't want to end up with a “lemon. " Therefore, there is certain used car buying tips that you need to pay attention to. You need to do research to find a used vehicle that is in generally good driving condition.

You may want to find a mechanic or someone who has enough knowledge about cars to go with you when purchasing the used car. There are some very vital things to check on the car before you buy it. Your mechanic or friend will take care of most of these items. However, below is some used car-buying tips that you or your mechanic can consider to get started.

Check all the fluids in the car. Most cars have up to ten types of fluids. The most important fluids to check are the engine coolant, transmission fluid, power steering fluid, brake fluids and the oil. The status of the fluid check will let you know if the car was maintained properly and if it is in good enough condition.

Check for any bad paint job, welded door, hood or trunk and anything that looks like the car was in an accident or not. Have it put upon a car lift to do a full examination.

If the steering is slack, it may be that the steering parts are worn out and this is not a good buy for you because it can get expensive. The car's suspension, which includes the shocks or struts, should be in decent shape because this is what supports the four tires on the vehicle. If these are not in good working condition, it may cause an accident when you are trying to drive it on a rough or bumpy road. Therefore, let your mechanic or friend do a bounce test to make sure it is in good shape.

The exhaust should have no leaks because this would fail the emission test at your local motor vehicle association. If the belts and hoses are in decent condition, which shows that the previous owners took care of the vehicle.

The engine and transmission has to be in good condition. Go for a test drive to make sure that the car's engine and transmission works. The sound of the car should be quiet and smooth. If it is not an automatic car, then the gearshifts should be easy to change.

Every car needs good brakes and a used car is no different. Be sure that the brakes are examined, which includes the brake shoe, brake pad, rotors, drums and any hydraulic parts.

Check to see if tires are too worn. The tires may need to be changed. If the tires are uneven, this means that they are worn and the car may need new tires and alignment. This is something you have to decide, but new tires would be the suggested tip when buying a used car.

Do not spend your hard earned money unless you get the car checked out properly. Do your homework and you may just land a good deal.

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