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Hybrid Car - To Buy or Not to Buy?


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US President George W. Bush once advised Americans to invest in buying and patronizing hybrid vehicles to help cure and eliminate the country's addition to oil. Because contract oil prices in the world market have always been very volatile, there is a pending need to significantly lower all industries and peoples’ reliance and need for oil. Car experts now recommend buying hybrid cars more than any other type of cars.

What are hybrid cars? Basically, these are vehicles that run on two sources of energy-the usual gasoline or oil and electricity stored within an imbedded battery. The electricity from batteries serves as a back up or an assisting energy source.

There are operations and functions of the hybrid car that utilize the electricity. This way, full consumption and reliance from the gasoline engine is lowered, making consumption of gasoline significantly lower. These days, hybrid cars provide about 60-40 gasoline-electricity power, wherein gasoline energy components make up majority of the car functions.

Is there a need to prefer a hybrid car? Before any purchase transaction for such a fuel-efficient car, it would be wise and logical if you would first consider the following checklist:

1. Is a hybrid car the right and appropriate car for you?

2. Are your personal driving habits in favor of using a hybrid car?

3. What are the helpful and necessary options available?

4. Do you have enough information to validate the reliability and credibility of the dealer and manufacturer?

5. Are there options in terms of car dealers? Will it be viable to buy in dealers from another state or area?

6. Is there a sticker price or manufacturer's suggested retail price (MSRP) that is the actual price of the hybrid car, no more, no less?

Looking at the pros and cons of buying a hybrid car is easy. First of all, you would be able to generate a significant amount of savings in the form of gasoline consumption declines. However, it is just logical that hybrid cars currently cost higher than the normal and traditional cars.

Hybrid cars are much lighter in weight and the basic structure and components and made of lighter alloys and metals, as weight is also a significant factor that boosts crude consumption. For its disadvantage, some people less prefer light structures and components in cars as such materials deform easier and are not too durable.

Hybrid cars perform full functions and features of a regular car. However, in comparison, hybrid cars fall less. For instance, if you are very particular about speed, hybrid cars would surely disappoint you. That is because electricity is not yet a viable source of power and energy for cars. That is why it just installed as a back up and secondary source of power in hybrid cars. If you are worrying about charging of batteries, do not worry.

Hybrid cars are designed to have components that facilitate conversion of mechanical energy to stored-electrical. That is why through braking and acceleration, the car's battery is being charged. The disadvantage of this is that the major weight of the car and the overall space consumption can be directly influenced by battery installations.

It is advisable to buy a hybrid car, but if you are after superior performance, wait further because carmakers are still in the process of researching and developing better and more powerful hybrid cars.

Alex Baumm. Will you prefer to buy Hybrid Cars ? As a buyer, the choice is up to you. If you would like to find tips on how to Buy a Car , please visit our forums.


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Getting Used to Your Hybrid Car
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