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Get Free Fuel For Your Car


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The price of fuel for your car keeps on going up and up. And oil industry experts are predicting a further increase of about 50% in the price of oil by mid-2008. So you're going to have to keep on paying more and more. Not only will the price for fuel for your car go higher and higher, but so also will the cost of practically everything else, because when you buy anything, fuel has been used to transport it to where you can get it. So if you learn how to get free fuel for your car it will give you a way to solve a big problem for your wallet.

If you don't already know it, you'll be shocked to learn that the expensive engine of your vehicle (or of any other vehicle) uses only 20% of the energy stored in that expensive fuel and WASTES 80% in heat, pollution (unburned fuel) and vibration. If you had an engine that would waste less, you wouldn't need to buy so much fuel and you could save money. But you won't be able to get a new kind of engine that uses less fuel until some time well into the future.

What you can do, although until now you were unaware of it, is to get free fuel for your car and make that expensive engine more efficient and less gas-guzzling. And you can do it in a simple and ingenious way - without any modifications to the engine or computer. You can do it with some easy, do-it-yourself and affordable (under $200) technology that you can install in about an hour. You may spend up to $200 but it will save you at least $1,200 a year just at present day fuel prices, meaning you'll get your investment back in two months at the very least.

By using this technology you get free fuel for your car, reduce WASTE and greatly improve the efficiency of your expensive but poorly designed engine, saving you money. And you get many other benefits as well, letting you save even more money. This technology not only reduces fuel consumption and saves you at the pump, but saves you money on maintenance also.

With this simple technology you'll find that engine power and performance are greatly enhanced. Your engine will enjoy a much longer life expectancy, especially the pistons, valves, rings and bearings. Not only that, it will also remove carbon deposits and prevent future carbon build up. And it will further benefit your engine by reducing engine temperature and get a calmer, quieter and much smoother engine and gearshifts. Last but in no way least, it reduces harmful exhaust emissions that pollute the environment and contribute to global warming. Your engine will ADD oxygen to the environment instead of polluting it.

All that is good - but the best of all is that when you get free fuel for your car, it can double your mileage, possibly more, - a day-to-day money saver. There are already thousands of users who can testify to this.

While you are no doubt surprised to learn of this simple technology to get free fuel for your car, you will be astounded to learn that the fuel comes from nothing more than a small electric charge from the car's battery and a quarter teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate dissolved in about a quart of water in a glass jar. The combination of those three elements releases from the water hydrogen and oxygen in the form of a completely innocuous, non-explosive gas that when entering into the engine burns together with the gas or diesel - and that is how to get free fuel for your car. It only requires a simple apparatus to set it up.

You can find detailed information and instructions at: Get Free Fuel For Your Car

William Grigsby, a retired multinational corp. executive, is now a consultant and writer.


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