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The Benefits of a BMW Bluetooth Adapter


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A BMW Bluetooth Adapter helps drivers improve safety and add the convenience of hands-free cell phone use. This upgrade to their cars audio system leaves drivers with the ability to stay controlled and focused on the road.

A Brief History of Bluetooth

The technology behind the Bluetooth devices goes back nearly 120 years, when early physicists such as Nikola Tesla and Gugliemo Marconi began experimenting with wireless technology - the same technology that led to the development of radio in the 1920s.

Although it is a refinement of radio broadcasting, a Bluetooth adapter is unlike radio, in that it is specifically designed to employ low, short range frequencies on the low end of the band in order to allow different digital devices to communicate with one another over very short range. The specifications of this protocol were first established in 1998; however, it took a few years to work out the bugs. Even today, the technology upon which the Bluetooth devices are based is undergoing constant refinement and improvement.

Hands-Free Cell Phone Operation

Enabling people to use cell phones safely while behind the wheel of an automobile was the first practical use of Bluetooth. The fact is, many auto accidents are caused by people attempting to converse on their cell phones while driving, and increasingly, states and municipalities are enacting laws prohibiting the practice.

Commonly available “plug-and-play" adapters combined with the use of a compatible headset, make it easy to receive outgoing and incoming cell phone calls without ever removing your hands from the steering wheel or taking your eyes off the road.

No More Missed Calls

One of the many benefits of this type of wireless technology is that it allows your cell phone to broadcast over any programming you may be listening to on your radio, so you won't have to worry about missing that all-important business contact.

Voice recognition capability makes dialing out as easy as speaking the numbers - or, if you've programmed it into your cell phone, simply speaking the name of the person or organization you wish to call.

Installing an adaptor makes easy accessto your phone by using the buttons on your steering wheel, with data that can even be displayed on your instrument cluster.

A Great Value

BMW automobiles are recognized as being among the finest driving machines on the planet, and when properly maintained, tend to hold their value quite well. Installing an adapter and adding wireless capability will add to your vehicle's value - or, when you decide to trade up, you can remove your BMW Bluetooth adapter for use in your new vehicle.

The Bluetooth devices can be one of the most useful and economical upgrades you can make to your vehicle. It is easy to inexpensively and quickly bring your car up-to-date with a BMW Bluetooth adapter .

Wayne Hemrick installs BMW bluetooth kits for an audio sound system company. He specializes in the BMW bluetooth retrofit. He helps customers understand how a BMW bluetooth upgrade or BMW bluetooth adapter can improve the safety of their driving.


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