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Car Buying Checklist

Alex Fir

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Ten tips that will help you avoid some of the complications of buying a car.

- Before you begin looking for a new or used car, you should already know what vehicle you want, what your budget is and what the bank's interest rate is. To make the buying process much faster, try to get pre-approved.

- Watch out for introduction only ads that ca be seen on television or in newspapers. A small disclaimer will give you a stock number that will tell you if that automobile will either be sold when you get there or will be an average car that has no options or options no one wants. The majority of dealers use this form of advertising to get you sucked in.

- Shop on rush time for the dealers. You should negotiate and buy during the last 2 days of the month and the last 2 working hours of the dealership.

- Always take someone to go to the dealership with you. This will give you an edge with the salesman.

- You should always purchase used vehicles from lots that are connected to new car dealerships. This is because they keep only the best trade-ins.

- Get new and used car prices from another dealer, bookstore or the library. Otherwise, you must insist on seeing the dealer's invoice.

- Before you try to make a deal, you should ask competitive dealers about rebates and incentives. Do not include these rebates in your negotiation process and deduct them from the bottom line at closing time.

- Before you buy a used car, you should always have it thoroughly checked out by an impartial mechanic first.

- Remember to buy on price and not on payment. Dealers can disguise the actual cost of a vehicle by manipulating the down and monthly payment as well as length of the loan in their favor. You can easily be ripped off if you buy on payment.

- When you are trading in, get back the keys to your trade-in before you begin your negotiations so that you can go away whenever you like.

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