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Qatar Classic Cars


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Qatar classic cars, a topic that never have I thought would be researching, or writing about. When I left Qatar seven years ago, there were no signs that there ever would be high demand in the market for classic cars, Qatar specifically and the region in general.

A couple of months ago I received an international call at three in the morning. Don’t be very deceived by the timing; the conversation could have waited a couple more hours, however due to miss calculations on the caller’s behalf. By all means, I do not regret waking up to take the call. The subject was of great importance and forced me not to go back to sleep, rather jump right to research. The first thing I heard when I picked up the phone is an old friend saying “how much have you dealt with classic cars?”, “there is a very high demand for classic cars in the region, and the supply is very low”. On the ending note of the call, I promised I will have a preliminary research completed within a week.

As always, I started by certifying the facts I was told in regards to supply and demand, and the overall economic situation of the country. I found many articles and press releases discussing the fact that car manufacturers are taking advantage of the increasing demand for personalized, classic and antique cars in the region. The underlying reasons for the change in demand of the past seven years was explained by Bufori (a modern brand of rare automobiles resembling 1930s coupes), the high demand is a reflection of the booming population, and economics of the region in general, and more specifically Dubai and Qatar. Hence, that Crude Oil was discovered in Qatar back in the 1940s; however the wealth of the nation gradually increased over the next sixty years, till Natural Gas was discovered. Its people now have one of the highest per capita incomes in the world.

The research journey has not stopped, rather the more research I make, the more I am interested to learn about the differences in tastes and markets. I will dedicate an article for the amazing finding in the market differences. To get up-to-date research results, visit the section I dedicated to Qatar classic cars

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