Gas Pump Money Saving Tips


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Gas Pump Money Saving Tips

Gas prices are zooming sky high with no ceiling in sight. Do you remember when a gallon of unleaded cost $1.25?

These days, it’s more important than ever to stretch your dollars at the gas pump.

Here are ten gasoline buying tips to help you do that.

1. Shop Around

Prices vary among stations that sell the same brand. Find a station that sells your favorite brand cheaper. Prices between brands can vary. You can save money by switching brands.

2. Use a Gasoline Credit Card

Some give a 5 to 10 percent rebate on purchases.

3. Buy Gasoline in the Morning

Gasoline is denser during the morning when temperatures are colder. Gas pumps measure and charge by volume, not density. You’ll be getting more solid fuel rather than vapors for your money.

4. Buy Gas from a Busy Station

Busy gas stations refill their underground tanks often. Slower stations don’t. Therefore, their tanks may have stale contaminated gas. Older fuel is poorer on fuel economy and performance.

5. Turn the Nozzle

Twist the gas pump nozzle 180 degrees when done. This can add up to an extra four ounces to your tank.

6. Stop Using High-Octane Gas

High-octane gas costs more than regular. If you car isn’t pinging, use regular unleaded. You’ll save up to 20 cents per gallon.

7. Avoid Topping-Off

The pump needs time to draw out the full amount. It doesn’t get it when you Top-off. You pay extra for these short- burst of fuel. Wait until your tank is at least half-full before you fill it up.

8. Avoid Stations That Just Refilled Their Tanks

The refilling of underground tanks stirs up particles that lay at the bottom. If these particles get in to your gas tank, they can cut the fuel efficiency of your car.

9. Pump Your Own Gas

Use the self-serve rather than the full-serve pump. Full- serve gasoline costs more. You save money pumping gas yourself.

10. Tighten the Gas Cap

Twist the cap until you hear it click. This prevents gasoline from evaporating and escaping.

Final Thought

These ten tips are easy to apply. Remember to use them each time at the gas pump. You’ll be stretching your gas dollars.

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These Gas Saving Tips Could Actually Cost You Money
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