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To buy used car is a great idea for saving money. Everyone knows that a new car lost 65% of its value in the first 5 years. But the case would be more extreme for a 1 to 2 years old car, it will lost its value 30-40%.

If you don't mind to drive a used car (I mean a 2 to 5 years old car, it looks pretty new) rather than a new car, you may save much money to pay many other bills. If you want to keep the car not too old, you may resell it after driving for 2 to 3 years and buy another newer one. The value of the car will only drop 15% or less for a 5 years old car. Therefore, your driving cost for 2-3 years would only be 10-15% of the car's original value.

The price quote above was only the price you buy from an ordinary car dealer. However, you can buy it much cheaper online.

Before entering the dealership

Before you step foot on a dealership lot, there are several things you need to think about, including what type of vehicle you can afford, what type of car is right for you, and what your credit history consists of.

Once you decide on type of car you need it is time to do your research to narrow down the choices. A number of resources on this site can provide you comparison information rating the vehicles within specific categories. Compare such areas as safety, reliability, fuel economy, warranties, operating costs, theft rates, general features, and options when making you decision.

How to achieve the best used car price?

Don't buy the first thing you see, or in this case don't believe them when they say that they are the ones with the lowest new car and used car prices, they have to say that, it's their tactics! Be smart and don't enter the dealership without visiting some of these sites, InvoiceDealers, Autoweb,, CarsDirect, Ford Direct and AutoUSA. Find out how much you can buy used car for and then go to your car dealer and let the games begin, of course on your terms! Don't be a dumb buyer as you are expected to be, do your homework if you want to buy used car at the lowest price possible! And one more thing, don't hesitate to buy used car online if your new car purchase quote from CarsDirect is lower than the car dealer. Click buy and they will let you know what is the next step, and in a few days your new car will arrive, and you saved your money and precious time!

There are many ways to buy car but only one is right!

A car dealer isn't your only option - Online car purchase will save you time and money!

This is the best car purchase option you will ever find, because you will find everything you need to buy used car from the comfort of your home. The whole buy used car process can be done online if you know the right way, but we are here to show you how and where. Online you can find and choose your dream car, find specification options, finance options, delivery details, extended warranty, carfax record check, auto loan approval, your credit score and much more.

Auto Purchase Tips - Auto purchase guide covers new and used vehicles, financing and negotiating with car dealers.


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