Auto Classifieds -- Online or Off?


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Auto Classifieds are a great way to sell your car. But you have a choice now to sell online, offline or a combination of both.

Let me just give you a few quick pros and cons that should jog a decision.

The Advantages of Online Auto Classifieds

  • wide coverage
  • nice pictures possible
  • more space for description
  • usually can be found from a search engine
  • run it till you sell more common
  • search means customer usually searching for that exact car or near to it - misses buyers who chance on your car
  • depends on traffic of site as too whether your ad is seen
  • lower trust from internet based advertising
  • Misses non-internet people

The Advantages of Offline Auto Classifieds

  • higher trust factor
  • picks up online and offline buyers
  • no computer knowledge or site technology to interfere with the buying process
  • pictures expensive
  • less room for description
  • may miss ‘online only’ buyers.
You may be able to think of a few more. Now for some facts. The six cars I sold last year, were all advertised in online AND offline auto classifieds, and were sold for the price I wanted. Three were sold from online classifieds and three from offline.

So from this statistic, the solution would seem to be - spread your message across both mediums.

Well that's it for now.

Happy Selling!

Graeme Sprigge is an automotive writer. His website has numerous auto articles. For an article on how to write a classified ad, read

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