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Looking for a used car that’s affordable? Many people have had success with auto auctions, either live or online, and have walked away from one with a quality used car. If you’ve never tried this before, though, you may be wondering if it’s really worth your time. This article will give you the gist of some good and bad points to consider before trying your luck at an auto auction.

Pros 1. Price. This is probably the biggest pro of them all, and many people would agree with me. Auto auctions are well known for their startlingly good prices, and the ease of finding a great deal. Depending on the type of car you’re interested in, the type of auction, and the popularity of the car, you could really score big. It’s not impossible to see discounts of up to 90% off the regular retail price. You can’t beat that!

2. Choice. You never know what you’re going to find at a used auto auction. There are literally thousands of auction all around the country and if you figure they’re at least going to be selling around 30-50 cars, more or less, then you have a wealth of opportunity. Also, if you don’t see something you like this time around, you can always choose another auto auction to try or even wait a few months for another round of auctions. The government never stops repossessing cars, and you’re always guaranteed to find something new each time. Adding to your choice, you could look for online auctions. You can find a specific car and bid and buy online from anywhere in the country (a specific con to this is that delivery costs might be high if you purchase halfway across the country).

Cons 1. Inspections. You should never purchase a car unless you have thoroughly inspected it. Most live auction provide you time to look over the car, but some don’t. You might want to stay away from the ones that don’t let you check the car out before buying it. Also, you probably won’t be able to test drive any car before you buy it, so you should make sure you know the history (you can do this with the vehicle’s ID online) of the car to know of any possible problems it might have.

2. Guarantees. Once you buy a car, it’s yours. That’s all there is to it. Some people love the simplicity of it, but the fact remains that you can not make a return on the car. Some auctions offer a limited time for inspection after you’ve bought the car. The only way you can return it is if there is a serious manufacturing problem. There are no guarantees for how long the car will last, what it’s problems might be, and you definitely won’t be receiving any kind of warranty.

Buying a car at an auto auction can be fun and exciting, but you should personally way the pros and cons. If you’re comfortable with taking some risk in order to grab a great deal you should have no problem. There are quality cars out there if you just do your research.

Ashley writes on how to find the best deals at online and live auto auctions. For more information and useful auction sites visit her blog ”>Car Bargains and Auctions.


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