Has Gas Mileage Improved Since 1908?


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The possibility that fuel efficiency has remained basically unchanged since the invention of the automobile, seems too ridiculous to consider. However, before we dismiss it completely, let's see what some prominent papers have to say . . .

"Ford's Model T, which went 25 miles on a gallon of gasoline, was more fuel efficient than the current Ford Explorer sport-utility vehicle - which manages just 16 miles per gallon. " Detroit News, 6/4/03

"Consumers and regulators are putting more pressure on the auto industry to enhance fuel economy, which was stagnant at an average 20.8 miles per gallon among all 2004 models and below the 1988 high of 22.1 mpg. " Detroit News, 4/11/05

"The Prius is the first significant departure from the combustion engine to make any major inroads in the auto industry since Henry Ford invented the Model T in 1908. " Newsweek, 9/20/04

How is it possible that the internal combustion engine has remained basically unchanged while breathtaking advances have occurred almost monthly in the computer field? Bill Gates once said, “If GM kept up with technology like the computer industry has, we would all be driving $25 cars that got 1000 MPG. "

The truth is, revolutionary changes have been made to the internal combustion engine since its invention! We just haven't been told about them. Here are a few examples to consider . . .

In 1936, S. Stockhammer drives a 1934 Ford Coupe, equipped with Charles N. Pogue's super-carb system, over 200 miles on a gallon of gas during a Ford Motor Company demonstration in Winnepeg, Manitoba (U. S. Patent # 2,026,798).

In 1977, “Fuel Economy Of The Gasoline Engine" is published for the Shell Oil Company (ISBN 0-470-99132-1). On page 223 of this book, Shell boasts of achieving 376.59 MPG with a modified 1959 Opel!

There are countless other examples, too numerous to include here, of transportation breakthroughs that have been kept off the market. As oil and gas prices continue to rise, it's time to face hard facts. We don't have an energy crisis, we have a greed and political corruption crisis!

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