Online or Live Auto Auctions?


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If you’re interested in buying a used car, you have many options available to you. One of those options is government or dealer auto auctions. These are great places to find a quality car for greatly reduced prices, sometimes fully 90% off the cost of retail. As long as you have a budget in mind, do your homework to know the true value of a car, and make sure it’s in good condition, you can find an awesome deal.

If you’re new to auto auctions, you may not know all of your options. You may think opening up the newspaper and finding listings is about the only way to do it, but there are several other ways to find and attend auto auctions. Yes, you could do the newspaper method, go to the auction preview, scout out the cars you’re interested in, research the cars online, and then go back the next day to make your bid. But you are not limited to this option in the least. There are all sorts of listings online for live auto auctions in your area, and you’ll probably get a better overview of what might be sold there than in the newspaper. This is if you’re decided on attending a live auto auction. You could also complete the whole experience at home.

By attending an online auction, you never have to leave the comfort of your home. It depends on your preferences, but it would seem to me that an online auction would offer you much more versatility and resources at your fingertips to decide on the perfect car and price. On an online auction, you view and bid on the selection of cars without being there. You’re not limited to a specific area this way, and you can also do research while you bid. Often the cars posted on these sites come with vehicle history reports, but you could investigate them even more before you make you decisions.

Whether you prefer to be there when you win the car or do it remotely, you should always research the cars that interest you as in-depth as possible. When going with online auctions, remember to be aware of where it’s being sold from so as to not get bogged down with delivery costs. With live auctions, always go to the preview to see the condition of the cars that are up for sale. You probably won’t be able to test drive them, but seeing them will at least eliminate cars with glaring problems.

Ashley writes on how to find the best deals at online and live auto auctions. For more information and useful auction sites visit her blog Car Bargains and Auctions .


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US Auto Auctions - Buy Cars At Cheaper Prices Through Government Auctions
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