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A car insurance adjuster is employed to investigate claims, and work with you, the client, to make sure that the claim is settled with respect to the policies and procedures agreed between you and your insurance company at the time you took out the policy. It is to be hoped that the insurance agent and adjuster are not the same person, to avoid conflict of interest in settling the claim.

Becoming an independent car insurance adjuster can lead to a fulfilling job – taking the time to read through insurance claims, looking over the vehicle to asses damage, or liaising between the assessor, client and insurer to make sure that everybody gets the best deal within the rules of the policy. You need to have a tough skin, however, since clients can sometimes become a little exasperated when the claim does not go their way.

At the end of the day, the car insurance adjuster is there to make sure that everyone plays by the rules, so integrity is also a must have quality. There are people who will try to play the system and make claims which are fraudulent or just over stated. On the other hand, there will always be insurance agents that try to get out of paying a claim because it will probably have an effect on their end of year bonus.

All in all, the adjuster has to be friendly to everyone, but not give any preferential treatment, and be completely immune to stress. The job may sound straightforward enough, but it can become very complex when multiple parties are involved and is sure to offer a good level of intellectual stimulation.

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How to Negotiate With an Insurance Adjuster
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