How To Get An Extra $1500 For Your Trade In


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If you’re trading in a car to a dealer follow these steps and get an extra $500 to $1500 for it!

Get the wholesale price for the car you’re trading in. This allows you to have a starting figure and know what the dealer thinks your vehicle is worth.

Now you’ll know what you can expect to get from your car, but the dealer won’t make it easy.

Remember, they’re trying to make a profit, and giving you as little as possible for your trade-in is another way they can make money.

They’ll try to bargain down the price they’ll give you for your car by saying:

“There are huge rebates on the new ones which affects the secondary market. ”

"That’s a nice car, but we have 6 just like it already on the lot. ”

“Oh, that’s an old body style… they’re impossible to sell anymore. ”

“Wow, this one’s been through the wringer… there sure are a lot of dings and scratches. "

“Hmmm…it has a lot of miles on it… we’ll have to take it to the auction. ”

Of course, some of these statements might be true, but the dealer is also likely to exaggerate so they can under-value your car.

How can you fight back? Here are a few tips:

Have your vehicle professionally detailed.

Bring all your service records to show the car was properly maintained.

Make sure everything works: air, radio, etc.

Put a few new car brochures (from other manufacturers) are in your car, plainly visible, so the salesperson knows you’re shopping.

If you you follow these simple steps you will guarantee to get more for your trade-in!

Gus Skarlis is a former car dealer and founder of Before You Buy A Car. His Book “10 Things You Must Do Before You Even Think About Buying A Vehicle" has helped thousands of consumers save money and time when purchasing a vehicle. This FREE resource takes you step by step through the car buying process. The site is located at:


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