Keep the Wind out of Your Face with Wind Deflectors

Matthew Keegan

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The aftermarket auto parts market is well noted with creating some outstanding products. Some of the more popular creations include, brake dust shields to keep unsightly dust off of your wheels; car covers to protect your car from impacts, pollution, debris, and more; step rails to help you get in and out of your truck easier; and many other products. Wind deflectors are another product that is catching on. Read on for more information on what a wind deflector is and what it does to protect your vehicle.

Wind deflectors, also known as bug deflectors, are showing up on more vehicles across North America. Installed horizontally across the front most section of your vehicle's hood, deflectors are noted with accomplishing several things when the vehicle is driven down the road:

  • Bugs are deflected away from the hood as well as the windshield of the car. This prevents harmful and even dangerous splatter from accumulating on the hood of your car or on your windshield. If you ever have driven in the southern US, you know exactly what I mean: the insect population can dirty up your windshield faster than your wipers can remove bug splatter. This is especially true when driving at dusk. That can spell disaster when you absolutely, positively need clear vision.

  • Debris on roads and passing vehicles is knocked away. Have you ever driven down the interstate and seen a rock bouncing along the road toward your vehicle, taking aim at your windshield? A properly installed shield will deflect small objects and send them to the side or up and over the roof of your car before serious damage can occur. Your inexpensive wind deflector just saved you the hundreds of dollars it would have cost you to have your windshield replaced. Factor in the time lost, too!

    When selecting a wind deflector, choose one that is made of premium-grade acrylic to ensure that it will last and be strong enough to deflect small objects. Most bug shields come in smoke or clear colors, the latter allowing you to paint your deflector whatever color you want.

    Top brands of wind deflectors are those produced by Lund, Deflecta, and Bugflecta. Shop online through a reputable wholesaler, such a Car Parts Stuff, to find the widest selection of bug deflectors available at the lowest prices.

    Matt Keegan is a contributing writer for Car Parts Stuff, an online supplier of high quality and well priced automobile parts. Wind Deflectors and Ventshade products are available right online.

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