Do You Really Want to Own an H2 Hummer? (Luxury/Exotic Car Buying Guide for Beginners)

Entjik Jeffrie

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You were finally out of college, and you got your first a great paying job. Now you could buy all the things that you couldn't afford while you were in college.

You walked into a Hummer dealership and bought yourself an H2 Hummer. You didn't have the money to buy the car cash, but since you now have a steady income from your paycheck, you are now qualified for the low down monthly payment loan. You decided to buy the Hummer with $1000 down payment and agreed to pay $400/month for the $40,000 loan for your new H2 Hummer.

You drove home proudly and showed all your best friends and even your enemies that you now have an H2 Hummer. Your friends applauded you, they surrounded your car with awe, they loved you, they said good things about the car, and you felt so good to the bones. You drove with your friends around the town every night and went to every party they had in town the first month you owned the H2 Hummer. It felt so good to have everybody looking at your new Hummer.

The second month of owning your new Hummer the first bill finally arrived from the bank where you got the loan from. You now had to pay the $400 month you promised to pay the bank to finish your $40,000 auto loan for the Hummer. You found out later than your gas bill for your Hummer was $500 the first month of driving it. Now you had to come up with $900/month just to pay the loan and the gas!

You only had one job that pays $2000/month, and your rent is $900. $1800 of your money went to rent and your beloved Hummer. You looked good, but no body knew that you were on an instant ramen noodle diet and you can only drink water, since you could no longer buy food to eat, since all your money went to buy gas and to pay the car payment.

Since you were so broke now, the bank came to rescue you by sending a credit card application. So you were now qualified to have a credit line of $8000. You said “Wow, now I can buy food by using my credit card!” You went out there and bought all the food you need and went partying again by using your credit card. You also bought a lot of nice clothes, shoes and toys.

The only thing that you forgot was you didn’t have enough money to pay the credit card company back, since most of your money had been used to pay for the Hummer, the gas, and rent.

Within 8 months, you were stuck with $8000 debt and you made a lot of late payment that increase the interest rate of your credit card. Every month as you saw your credit card statement, the bank charged you $500 every month from the interest rate. Your debt rose every month from $8,000 to $8,500, from $8500 to $10,000 and so on.

You were now in a big trouble, while you are still driving around in your nice H2 Hummer!

One day the bank where you got the auto loan from to buy the Hummer called you because you could not keep up with the car payment. So they took your Hummer away since you could no longer pay them the monthly payment.

Today you no longer have your Hummer and also you are stuck with $10,000 plus debt from your credit card. Your friends decided not to hang out with you anymore, because now you are so broke!

Do you still want to own the Hummer H2?

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