Green Air Filters For Your Car

Matthew Keegan

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Alright, all you soy sipping, yogurt eating, diet doing, hybrid driving, environmentally eccentric folks from Vancouver: listen up. You may be causing more damage to the environment than you already know. How so? Your Audi’s air filter, that’s how. Yes, it is true: if you keep your car long enough you will be performing under-the-hood maintenance which will include changing your air filter at least once a year. Keep that same car for ten years and that is ten years of stuff clogging North America’s landfills. And you call yourself earth friendly? Tsk, tsk!

All kidding aside, there is an environmentally friendly way whereby if you follow just one small, but important step you can achieve oneness with nature, if not with your wallet: replace your car’s disposable air filter one final time with a reusable air filter.

Reusable air filters, or performance air filters as some like to call them, are a true “green” item. No, the air filter isn’t green itself, but the result is the same effect: you can replace your car’s air filter one final time with a reusable air filter that should outlast your car. Environmentally friendly air filters are on the market and they have several key benefits to them, including:

  • You replace your car’s disposable air filter once and for all with a reusable air filter.

  • Environmentally sensitive landfills are permanently rid of an extra ten or more disposable air filters that you would have used.

  • Your reusable air filter will cost approximately 2 or 3 times the price of a disposable filter, however you will get that money back and ultimately save in the long run.

  • Your car will actually perform better as reusable air filters help your engine breathe better. Better breathing for your engine means better performance.

  • You may realize a slight increase in fuel mileage as a better performing engine means a more efficient engine.

    All in all, you can show yourself to be environmentally responsible and save yourself some many in the process of doing the right thing. Reusable air filters are truly a green friendly product and are worth being placed in your car the next time you change your air filter.

    Copyright 2005 - Matt Keegan is a contributing writer for Auto Parts Canada, a wholesaler of fine Audi parts and accessories for your vehicle.

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