Tire Gauge Accuracy


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The tire gauge accuracy is measured by a tire pressure gauge. Most of you may have used one or at least seen one when you did the gas station when you when to put fuel in your car. There are two types of air pressure gauges in the marketplace today and they are analog and digital. The analog gauge is the one which we all have seen a lot, it the round face analog tire pressure gauges. The fuel station analog gauges where once the industry standard.

However, thing have changed. And, these analog gauges do not provide the right tire gauge accuracy. They are almost worthless when it comes to properly measuring air pressure inside your tires.

Having said that, we have to understand that tire gauge accuracy is more than an analog and digital disparity. Depending upon the time of the day you conduct your tire pressure reading you can have completely different results. You may then want to question why does this take place?

We all tend to forget what is the best time is in a day to check the pressure in your vehicles tires and why? The answer is very simple; check your tire pressure only at a time when your tires are cool before they get warmed up. This would give you the optimum tire gauge accuracy. So now the next question why does this scenario take place? Well, the correct answer is; the tire pressure your vehicle manufacture recommends is the “cold" air pressure. When you drive your vehicle or pull a trailer the air inside the tires gets hot and when air gets hot it expands thus increasing the tires air pressure.

The above discussion has explained why and when you can achieve the maximum tire gauge accuracy. Now, the next step! Well, to gauge the tire gauge accuracy you would need more then just time of the day, you need good equipment. Not that the analog gauges are bad or completely wrong, but they can still be off by as much as 15 psi. That's a huge plus or minus ranges for a tire gauge.

Now, if we suggest digital reading you may be able to accept it especially know the fat that a digital gauge show you the tire pressure with a plus or minus of .05 psi over a range of 5 - 150 psi and come with a 5 year warranty. As you know digital is replace analog everywhere you look from electronic to TV reception, well tire gauges accuracy are no exception.

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