How To Reduce Fuel Consumption Amidst Skyrocketing Gas Prices


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Gas prices keep skyrocketing. But there is a lot a motorist can do to reduce fuel consumption. There are quite a few easy and inexpensive maintenance steps that can be taken to add miles to every gallon and save money.

Consumers waste millions of dollars everyday because of dirty oil, worn spark plugs, faulty thermostats, loose gas caps, underinflated tires, malfunctioning engine controls, poor wheel alignment, dirty air filters, and so on. These problems are basic and easy to take care of, yet still they are major causes of wasted fuel.

As they say, “a stitch in time saves nine". With proper maintenance you can save a lot of fuel. Avoid gas vaporization by ensuring that your vehicle gas cap is not damaged, loose or missing. Your tires must be properly inflated otherwise it can cost you a few miles per gallon. Replace your spark plugs regularly to avoid misfiring and fuel wastage. Replace clogged air filters and improve gas mileage by as much as 10 percent.

Driving habits are another major contributor to poor fuel economy. Bad habits include exceeding speed limits, aggressive driving, excessive idling, carrying heavy items in vehicle, and the list goes on.

Fast driving in low gears can consume up to 45% more fuel than is needed. When traveling at highway speeds keep windows closed. Open windows reduce your mileage by 10%. You should drive steadily. Sudden changes in speed wastes fuel.

A lot of fuel can be wasted by prolonged warming up of the engine. You do not need to warm up engine for more than 45 seconds even on cold mornings. Starting and stopping your engine needlessly is another no-no. Avoid revving the engine, especially just before it is switched off.

You should also buy your gasoline carefully. Choose quality brands that provide greater economy. Buy your gasoline during the coolest times of the day. And never fill your gas tank to the top. The gas can slosh over and out of the tank.

Other fuel saving habits include avoiding rough roads, using straighter roads, regular tune-ups, inspection of suspension and chassis parts for misalignment, and removing snow tires during good weather seasons.

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Reducing Car Fuel Consumption Wheel Maintenance For Better Gas Mileage
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