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Low visibility is one of the many culprits in road accidents. If you have ever driven through dense precipitation such as rain, snow, sleet, or through fog, then you know the potential danger, especially when your vehicle is not equipped to face such conditions. When traveling through fog, it is necessary to drive cautiously and be alert.

In foggy conditions, the level of danger escalates especially if the precipitation is quite thick and visibility is near zero. This is further heightened by the fact that headlights are generally of no good use since they will reflect off of the fog and create a phenomenon called “dispersion”. This blurs the light and creates more visibility problems.

Thus, fog lights are necessary when you frequently drive through a foggy area. Fog lights are generally non-standard lights that are installed on vehicles to ensure safety and visibility in foggy conditions. Fog lights are different from headlights because they are yellow in color instead of white. Apparently, white light which is composed of different wavelengths (colors) is likely to scatter off in the fog droplets.

Meanwhile, if you illuminate using a single wavelength, for instance, yellow in fog lights, there is a better penetration of light with less dispersion. Another consideration is that our eyes are more sensitive to yellow and green light. Thus, fog lights are required for foggy conditions and are a necessity in vehicles which regularly traverse through foggy areas especially at night or at early morning.

To increase visibility and minimize the danger in foggy situations, fog lights are a must-have. A cautious driver would want to ensure his safety as well as that of his vehicle and its occupants. Installing fog lights in a vehicle will ensure that you can sufficiently see and be seen to avoid any mishap on the road. Fog lights are readily accessible in the auto parts market. They come in different varieties and are usually located at the front and at the rear.

Purchasing fog lights for your car is an excellent investment. It will not only assure safety and visibility in foggy and low visibility situations, it will also impart a fresher look to your vehicle.

As a manager of one of the largest auto store in Springfield, Massachussets, Sarah has extensive expertise on auto parts and automotives in general. This 42 year old is a certified car enthusiast.

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