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Kit Cars are cars that can be purchased in kit form and assembled at home. It is common for Kit Car enthusiasts to obtain their material from several “donor cars". There are a lot of Kit Car enthusiasts out there and people enter the Kit Car hobby for different reasons. Working with your hands and assembling something from the beginning can be extremely relaxing and riding in a car that you have built yourself is an indescribable experience. Kit Cars are however not for everyone, and if you know that you become frustrated by having to change your wind shield wipers a Kit Car might not be a wise idea.

Assembling a Kit Car can be a way of getting a cheaper car, but you should keep in mind that you will need a place to work in as well as the necessary tools. A lot of Kit Cars are assembled not primarily because they are cheaper than ordinary cars, but because a Kit Car can be made to suit your own particular needs and fill niches where it is hard to find ordinary cars. One of the most well known Kit Cars is for instance the Dune Buggy. The Dune Buggy is also known as Beach Buggy and Sand Rail. This Kit Car is not intended for high ways; it is a recreational vehicle that can be used on beaches and sand dunes where ordinary cars experience problems. The Dune Buggy is small and low-weight and has much larger wheels and tires than a normal car. The engine is mounted on an open chassis that is perfect for hot summer days at the beach. The Dune Buggy is usually constructed from older Volkswagen Beetles.

Kit Cars are also popular due to the possibility to create a car that resembles historic or contemporary cars. One of the most frequently replicated cars is the AC Cobra. The original AC Cobras was powerful and stylish Anglo-American sports car that was creating during the 1960s. In 1968, the last Roadster platform was produced which put an end to the AC Cobra since the AC Cobra was built on this platform. The public had however taken a liking to the potent and beautiful AC Cobra and Kit Car enthusiast started to build their own AC Cobras. Today, there exist more Kit Car AC Cobra cars than original AC Cobra cars. Some of these Kit Cars are exact replicas while others are only inspired by the original AC Cobra. Some replicas can even be said to be improved versions of the original AC Cobra, since the Kit Car builders can utilise the inventions and automobile engineering advances.

The Kit car enables you to have the car of your dreams, You can for exampel use a Hummer kit to build your own hummer to cruise around the city and country in. You can also take your kit Hummer and modify it to create your own custom Hummer .


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