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That old RV taking up space in your driveway? You remember why you bought it-you wanted to escape your daily life and take off down the road, headed to destinations uncertain. Of course, that was before you realized that you didn't have the time or the money to afford it. Now, you've let it gather rust spots. Perhaps it's time for a change. Perhaps it's time to sell.

Of course, you could always put an ad in your local paper and hope that the prices offered are good enough, but why deal with all the guess work? Why not, instead, do the sensible thing and use a RV Blue Book? Not only will you know how much to sell your old RV for, but you'll also be able to find proper venues to sell it.

Don't be too hasty with which RV Blue Book you choose, however. There are many available and some of them are less than helpful. What you need is to decide what is best for you and your RV. Things a proper RV Blue Book will have you consider:

1. What was your RV worth when you first purchased it?

A RV Blue Book has a wide selection of RV's available and their original prices. Of course, you cannot expect to get the same amount of money, but this will help you know what you paid and try to work getting as much of that back as possible. It should be noted: if you bought your RV through an ad or from a friend, rather than a dealer, the cost will be different. Still, work from the book.

2. What is today's wholesale value?

RV Blue Book's will be able to compare your RV over the years and discover its trade-in value.

3. What is today's retail value?

Again, a RV Blue Book will show how much you will you could get at the highest selling price. This isn't usual for many cases, of course. Few people will want to pay the highest available price, but the numbers are still there to give you the proper idea.

4. What's the average price most users receive?

RV Blue Book's give out the handy knowledge of the median profits, letting you make easy decisions on your offers. If an offer is lower than the average, you'll know to skip it for something higher. This eliminates the doubt of selling.

5. How can the condition of your RV effect the price?

A major aspect of how much money you will receive is the condition of your product. RV Blue Book's make this very clear: if your RV is in bad shape (too many miles, parts that don't work, rust, etc), the value will go down. This is just common sense and the Blue Book will let you know. Of course, as a seller, you have to be honest about the condition of your RV.

The Blue Book only works for those who don't slant the descriptions. If there are problems, you have to tell about them-will the price go down, yes, but it will save you trouble later.

Whether you are a buyer or seller (possibly both, if your'e looking to get rid of your old RV for a new one), you will need a reliable Blue Book. Could you work without one? Yes, but why would you want to? The numbers are all available for your use; this is to help you. Why pass on it?

As a seller, it allows you the knowledge to make informed decisions. You won't run the risk of overpricing or, worse, asking too little. As a buyer, you can see what the fair amount is for whatever type of vehicle you are looking into and make the right calls.

A RV Blue Book is worth the purchase and can help you with yours. Want an online resource? Check out nadaguides.

Mark Sturge is the webmaster at A site where visitors can find information on rv resorts as well as useful hints and tips for rv enthusiasts.


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