Auto Glass Repair vs Replacement


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Whenever there's an accident, the first thing that has a probability of breaking is the windshield. Even a small crack can often spread across your area of vision or it can spread into the inner layer of your windshield, which is a plastic layer sandwiched between the two glass layers. Even a small stone can cause extensive damage.

Whenever such a situation occurs, the first thing that arises in our mind is which option we should choose - repair or replacement. If we go for repair rather than the replacement then certainly we can save some money. Modern windshields have been designed to be repairable. Nowadays special injections are coming into the automobile glass market that contain a special resin which is injected into the damaged area using unique tools that attach directly to the glass.

Some chips or cracks may react successfully to the repair whereas some may not. Windshield repair is like first aid. If you leave a crack and do not fix it, then it may cause more severe damage and the condition of the windshield can get much worse.

If a tiny size chip is just in front of your driving seat, then a quick repair is must as this may hinder your vision. Windshield repair can be quarter sized or up to 3 inches long. But some advance techniques can repair up to 12 inches long cracks. For more than 12-inch cracks, only replacement is suggested.

Major thing that needs to be considered is the location and size of the damage. If damage is at the edge of the windshield then it will spread fast and will destroy the integrity of the glass. If any edge damage is found then repair it soon. It will save the life of your windshield.

Some of current techniques do no repair those cracks that directly come into the view of driver’s line of sight because a small distortion may still left behind. In that case replacement would be a wise decision. Cost of the repair is entirely depending upon the damage of the windshield. If the cracks are quite long or around 12 inches then charges will be higher.

Certainly if you go for replacement then your insurance company may not pay you the entire replacement amount but in case of repair they may pay the total expenditure. So repair is a more economical process.

Windshield repair or replacement is totally depending upon the size and location of the damage and cracks. So, before going for any of these options just consult a glass specialist who can examine your shield and suggest if a repair will work or not. If damage from an accident is quite big then do not compromise your life, as you know better that windshield replacement is a necessity. Just bear in mind that your life is more valuable than anything else.

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