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Electric Pedal Vehicles - The Pedal Electric Tricycle

George Christodoulou

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Electric Pedal Vehicles: These little things are goofier looking than meter maid vehicles but much more interesting. You will see that some of these vehicles are pretty amazing since they run on nothing but human power. The first of these Vehicles I want to discuss is one created by the HHEV ( Human Hybrid Electric Vehicle) design team called The Pedal Electric Tricycle (PET). It was created to try an lower pollution, congestion, travel times, and travel costs. It was created for small town people with the idea to make it better than biking. The idea behind this project is to create a medium between bikes and cars that will be clean, comfortable, and with cargo space convenience.

The mission of this group is to basically create a vehicle made for the road that is not a car. They believe that cars are overused and people can use a new mode of transportation that is safer for people and the environment. They are not looking to create anything that can compete with cars, just something that can be considered as a change of pace from what’s out there today.

The major players behind this 25 mile per hour machine are Matt Seitzler, Dan Golden, Chris Congleton, Eric Van Gelder, Dr. Paul Erickson, Justin Regnier. Other people also involved include Dr. Andy Burke, Professor Andy Frank, Professor Karnopp, Kurt Kornbluth, Pat Fyhrie. They are on the mission to create this perfect mixture of car and bike.

These people are doing great work for man kind. Imagine driving around in one of these things, you should be proud that you were one of the first to hear of such a vehicle. Reading some of the research on their main website, it seems that this project costs quite a bit of money so if you are interested in becoming a part of history please go over to their main site and join the cause at: http://qru. ucdavis. edu/PET.htm

George Christodoulou

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