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Another Way to Improve Your Gas Mileage


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For several years now gas prices have been constantly changing. One week we’re at a new all-time high, then the price falls again, then the prices goes to a new all-time high. And at this time there doesn’t seem to be any certainty on the horizon that prices are going to return to what used to be ‘normal’ levels. People everywhere are looking for ways to make their gas last longer, thereby improving their fuel economy. Here are a few tricks that are commonly being mentioned:

- Improve your cars aerodynamics by closing the windows when on the freeway.

- Keep tire pressure at an appropriate level

- Use your AC less, it wastes gas

- Slow down

These are all good tips, but sometimes you might wonder how much of an effect they’ll really have. But honestly, if even one of these tips improves your average mpg by 1, it would be worth it.

But there is another way that you can very easily improve your gas mileage without having to be so careful about everything you do: use a proven fuel additive. Notice I didn’t say just any fuel additive, but a proven one. Its very common these days to hear someone or read something talked about some new fuel additive that claims to give you a 35% increase in your car’s MPG. The question I always have is can they back up their claim with tests and data from independent companies. And unfortunately, most of these companies can’t. There is however one brand that does have plenty of information to back up what they say: DurAlt.

DurAlt has been on the market since the 80’s, and you may have seen them in stores already under a different name. Harley Davidson’s fuel additive is really DurAlt, just in a different package. Unlike most fuel additives on the market, DurAlt has plenty of data to back up their claims and their claims are reasonable as well. Their studies have shown that by using their product most cars will see an average of 8-12% increase in mpg among other benefits. So in the game of saving money on gas, DurAlt may just be that extra touch that a lot of us have been looking for.

Besides just improving your gas mileage, DurAlt products have also shown to reduce the required octane number for your engine by 3-4 numbers. In other words you get similar performance from 85 octane as you would from 88. So either way, with a proven product like DurAlt you have the possibility to save a lot of money on your fuel costs.

About the Author: Dan Patterson is the owner of, one of the few places where you can buy the DurAlt Fuel Additive .


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Better Gas Mileage - Improve Gas Mileage Tip #2
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