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Whether you buy or rent an RV, it is important to understand there are rules of etiquette out on the road. Here is a list of some of the more basic ones.

Face it, driving an RV is a bit different than driving your usual vehicle. Come on, put your ego away. You are driving something much larger, which means you have plenty of opportunities to get in or cause trouble. Sorry, but that is just the fact. If you trip is going to go well, you need to follow some basic rules of etiquette in your RV.

Picking A Lane – First and foremost, your RV is not a Porsche. It takes a bit of time to get up to speed and it is going to be one of the bigger vehicles on the road. As a result, you need to pick a lane and stick in it unless you need to pass. The correct lane is the slow lane. Yes, you can probably go 80 in the fast lane, but can you afford the gas? In busy cities and such, you can also move over into the second lane from the right so you don’t have to deal with merging traffic at every exit and entrance to the freeway.

Lights! – As hard as it is to believe, people will not see you. This is particularly true if you are not in the slow lane. People expect RVs to be there, so any deviation may not be noticed. Drive with your lights on to make sure that knucklehead in front of you know you are there. Trust me on this one.

Lights!2 – While it is advisable to turn on your lights, don’t crank the high beams. Most of the cars in front of you are going to be lower to the ground. Your lights are strong. Blinding them at night and even during the day is not a particularly good idea. Remember, some of them will react by slamming on the brakes!

Traffic Signs – If we were all honest, we would admit the traffic signs that warn us not to go through a set of curves above 40 miles an hour don’t exactly curtail our led foot driving style. Well, they should in an RV. Your center of gravity is going to be higher than in a car. When the sign warns you to go 40, you should go 40. It is very bad etiquette to roll of the road and burst into flames. Think of the traffic jam!

As you can see, proper RV etiquette is actually very simple. Follow these basic rules and you should not have any problems.

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