Buying a Car for First Time Drivers


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Thinking about buying a car for your teenager? Not sure what kind of car to buy them? Don't know if you should buy new or used? Featured below is information that will help you choose a vehicle that is right for your child's needs and personality.

Safety always comes first!
Safety should always be the most important factor when determining what kind of car to buy your child.

Don't buy an SUV (Sport's Utility Vehicle) or a small sized car!
As a result of being inexperienced drivers, people between the ages of 18-21 get into the most automobile accidents when compared with all the other driving age groups in America.

Sports Utility Vehicles are not suggested as first time cars for children. SUVs are harder to drive as a result of their heavier center of mass. Consequently, rollover accidents are more likely to occur because of unexpected maneuvers caused by common distractions and/or teenage horsing around.

Compact cars also offer much less protection than larger vehicles. It is a good idea for new drivers to be behind the wheel of a larger car, with more stable handling distinctiveness.

Sports cars should not even be considered
Speed means recklessness. Putting your child behind the wheel of any type of sports car increases the probability of them getting into an accident.

If possible, buying a new car should be a consideration!
Just because a 1975 Mustang is bigger than a 2005 Maxima, that does not mean that it is a safer vehicle. The bottom line is that newer cars are safer, offering more protection. Not only do new cars come with anti-lock brakes and air bags, they offer better structural protection. Also, new cars have less component and/or mechanical problems.

Try selecting a vehicle that offers decent performance, not high performance!
You want to avoid buying a car that is too weak or one that has too much power, encouraging high speed and dangerous driving. A car that is moderate in performance is what you should gravitate towards buying.

New drivers should not drive stick, only automatic vehicles!
New drivers need to learn how to cope with the distractions associated with every day driving (adjusting the radio station, goofing around and talking to friends, checking over their shoulder to change lanes) and don't need to be concerned with having to ‘shift gears’ every few seconds.

What types of vehicles should be considered for first time car drivers. . .
We suggest the Nissan Maxima, Honda Accord or the Ford Taurus for inexperienced teen drivers. These mid-sized sedan vehicles provide the perfect amount of power, with outstanding protection. Before you decide to buy any make or model of new or used for a first time driver, you should check for more input.

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