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What to Watch with Salvage Auto Auctions


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What to Watch with Salvage Auto Auctions For individual buyers auction salvage cars can be very dangerous. However, some car dealers can even fall victim to some auto auctions and salvage cars. Salvage cars at auto auctions are vehicles that often have many more problems than a regular used car. Salvage cars can include any of the following: flooded, burned, wrecked or vandalism.

There are some dealers who will try to scam individuals by selling salvaged cars at auto auctions as used cars since many of these vehicles are easy to repair and sell. If you are simply looking at pictures through online auctions then it can be extremely difficult to recognize salvage cars. Once problems start with the vehicle it can be very difficult to get your money back or receive repair costs for the vehicle.

Technically dealers cannot sells salvaged cars at auto auctions as used car.

However, some dealers commonly rebuild these salvage cars and clean up their history so that they can sell them as used cars. To get over this salvage fraud then you should thoroughly research the car you are buying. If you are shopping in person then you can check the car's interior for giveaway signs that the car is a salvage including the smell of water or salt lines under the hood. Always remember that if you have any doubt about a car then you shouldn't purchase it. So always remember that no matter what a dealer says you don't have to be pressured into purchasing a car. If you have any suspicion that is has been salvaged then don't purchase the vehicle and move on to something else.

Perry Gibson is a long time auto auctions attendee.

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