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When Volvo had created vehicles, people readily accepted these automobiles for they were promised and really given the chance to experience a ride (or a drive) that was exceptional and gave its users much safety. However, Volvo has been much known for being a car manufacturer that created and offered the market with compact vehicles and wagons as well as Volvo fuel system parts and Volvo climate control parts among many others. Volvo was not known though for offering the market sporty vehicles.

But times are surely changing and Volvo has perhaps found the courage to actually create vehicles for the sporty ones. If you would remember, the world was quite shocked and amazed at the same time when the vehicle manufacturer sent out the Volvo XC90 sports utility vehicle. And now, the wagon Volvo XC70 has just had to go through a revision. This time around, the wagon would be going under a restyling that involves going sporty.

From being a wagon, the Volvo XC70 has been redone and now sports a sporty look and feel. Those who have been lucky enough to witness the new look of the vehicle have said that the Volvo XC70 does indeed have the kind of feel you get when you take the Volvo XC90 sport utility vehicle for a spin. This vehicle, the Volvo XC70, has been through the thorough hands and creative mind of Peter Horbury although the company has said that this one would be the last vehicle to be created by Horbury.

During the Detroit auto show, show goers can surely feast their eyes on the possible outcome you would see when the complete change has been done on the Volvo XC70. However, you should not try looking for the Volvo XC70 for you would have no luck with that. According to Volvo, they would be displaying the Volvo XC70 as a concept vehicle at the Detroit auto show and they would be calling it the Volvo XC50.

Mattin, one of the heads at Volvo, says, “We need to be recognizable as Volvo. We're still about Scandinavian simplicity; we can't be playful or do styling for the sake of styling. Volvos last a long time, so our design must have legs. But we can't be too simple or we'd edge toward blandness. And we can't not change; we must be fresh. I want to broaden our design and have more variation between car lines. ”

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