Can I Control An Aftermarket CD or MP3 Changer From The Factory Stereo?


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Because of the way car manufacturers configure their car audio systems, you can't connect an aftermarket CD changer directly to a factory-fitted radio in the majority of cases. Some Fiat, Ford, Mercedes, Peugeot, Porsche and Renault cars allow direct connection. However, I don't recommend trying to modify your CD Changer or its cable to work with the factory radio.

Now for the good news . . .

A number of car audio shops now sell a continuously growing number of CD interfaces and MP3 interfaces that allow you to connect an aftermarket CD changer or an aftermarket MP3 changer such as Alpine, Panasonic or Sony to a factory-fitted radio with CD changer controls. The interfaces are not universal and are designed to work with each individual radio or CD lead for each specific vehicle and with one specific brand of changer.

They also supply CD changer/interface packages that comprise of a CD changer or MP3 changer with a vehicle-specific interface adaptor. These packages are designed to work with factory-fitted radios and CD leads. Your car warranty will not be invalidated as NO wires need cutting.

You can replace your factory-fitted radio with an aftermarket CD changer, MD changer or MP3 changer package that includes a radio cassette or radio CD of your choice. You will spend significantly less than you would for most factory changers from car dealers.

With this option, you'll get improved FM reception, better performance, and superior overall sound quality and reliability. And if you change cars in the future, you'll be happy to learn that your aftermarket system isn't limited to just one car make.

Visit to read more or visit AddACdChanger to get your CD changer.

Chimezirim Odimba writes for CarAudioPlus.


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