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Speed, competition and an enthusiasm for real cars on race tracks: This is what street car racing is all about. But when engines start to rev and the flag waver takes their marks, only one thing radiates from the street car racing enthusiast: pure exhilaration.

Street car racing is irrefutably gaining popularity as a sport; and while it takes its roots from a simpler mode of automobile racing which began in France during the late nineteenth century, it has evolved into a prevalent pastime in countries across the world. The United States, Australia, Brazil, Japan and much of Europe - among countless others - currently rank street car racing as a highly competitive sport.

Traditionally a domain of large, American cars with big block high capacity engines, street car racing on proper race tracks, now thrives with various types of vehicles contending. Recent trends have been towards cars of a lighter frame and hence, greater ‘moveability’. That being said, the sport of street racing has taken many forms. Recent films like ‘The Fast And The Furious’ and ‘Initial D’ have publicised the thrill of ‘drifting’, while drag racing still remains the predominant form of street car racing.

In drag racing, participants start the race from either a ‘dig’ or a ‘roll’ - the first method involving a stationary bumper-to-bumper drag race line up, while the second involves an initial ‘moving’ lineup at about 50 mph. Either way, drag-racing vehicles range from everyday cars to custom ‘dragsters’ built specifically for the purpose of accelerating as fast as mechanically possible.

Different people take an interest in street car racing for many different reasons: some are fascinated by the looks or construction of the vehicles and the motors themselves, while others simply love the thrill of racing, either as a participant or a spectator. Whatever the motives, the street car racing community is a large one - and one which seems destined to grow.

While street racing is largely illegal in most parts of the world today, there are many legitimate motoring events around the world that provide modified street cars or standard road going production cars the opportunity to race against one another or against the clock in well organized events on specifically designed race tracks and which ensure all safety precautions are maintained and appropriate safe racing practices applied.

When it comes to accessing legitimate information on street car racing, today’s motoring enthusiasts have countless resources to turn to. Dotted around the internet there are various online motoring forums which function solely to cater for the motoring and street car racing community by indulging and informing this growing group of petrol heads with a variety of interesting features, from blogs and photos to news and information on upcoming events and appropriate racing environments. Information is also easily available regarding all track legal racing and motor clubs in local areas. True motor aficionados can also find information on the technical specifications of cars such as drivability, fuel-economy, on-track performance, engineering or frame design by consulting with other online specialists. With so many different online motoring groups catering for general as well as specific niche subjects, current car enthusiasts are able to connect with other like minded fans that are just as passionate about lean, mean motor vehicles as themselves.

So anyone tempted to get an eyeful of remarkably built vehicles or to experience the sheer thrill of speed and competition by ripping down the drag strip, the street car racing scene is sure to deliver; after all, when the flag comes into sight and the engine begins to rev, there's no looking back; in fact, there is only one way to go; foot to the floor, full speed ahead.

Andrew Regan is an online journalist who enjoys socialising at his local rugby and cricket clubs.


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