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While for most, full-time Rving is the result of a hunger for a, from the ground up, change in their lives, in this life we still have to keep in touch!

We may want a different road to follow into our future, but the road we've travelled to get to the place we are now shouldn't be left behind and forgotten. It's the one that made us who we are!

It's my claim that good communication is absolutely required to build a sustainable life RV Boondocking, full-time. Don't drive off and leave your life behind. Take it with you! Go ahead and drive off, but build on that life!

So how do you keep those RV Boondocking communication lines open when you're wandering around hundreds of miles from “home"?

Ensure that family and friends can easily get in touch with you. Treasure, maintain and pursue that communication.

In this age of evermore computers, it's an awfully simple thing to create a blog or even a full website to allow your family and friends to follow your RVing travels. There are so many ways to stay “connected" via the internet that I'm sure one exists for every Full-time RVers budget.

From programs that allow you to hook up directly through your cell phone, to Wi-Fi at libraries, RV Parks and other businesses to cellular “air cards" for your laptop, there are a host of options.

The pinnacle, for the RV Boondocker has got to be Satellite Internet. With these you need not be within the range of service for a cellular system. The only requirement is a clear view of the southern sky!

These systems, being the state of the art for mobile internet communication, aren't cheap. The most economical are manually erected and aimed, tripod mounted systems starting in the vicinity of $1,700.

The premier for Satellite Internet are the roof mounted, automatic systems which cost in the vicinity of $5,500 installed.

It's another situation where in large part, you get what you pay for. The more you pay, the faster, more capable and convenient the service.

Along with the internet communication, there is the now “who doesn't have one", cell phone. Of course they work unreliably in remote country but you can always run down the road a ways searching for service!

Something to keep in mind, if you use a cell a lot, make sure you are lined up with some sort of a National program. Otherwise the roaming and long distance charges are going to consume your budget in a rushing hurry!

In support of all the electronic means of communication there is a need to deal with the old fashioned “snail mail"! This is actually easy to accomplish by one of a couple alternatives.

You can utilize the co-operation of a trusted family member or friend. I can see this being a sore spot for some folks, so those people may want to contract the services of a niche industry created for just this problem.

Both the Good Sam Club and the Escapees, RV Club have programs for mail forwarding designed for the Full-Time RVer. In addition to these clubs, many of the package and shipping service stores have mail forwarding programs. Check them out and I'm sure you'll find the one that fits your needs.

The bottom line is, if you invest a little time and legwork, and do some comparisons, you can easily find the combination of communicatons systems that will be the perfect fit for your RV Boondocking life and budget!

Plan out the solutions for your RV Boondocking communication needs in advance and you eliminate any worry about taking care of business and can focus on the task at hand, enjoying your RV travels!

Brian is the “editor" of Goin’ RV Boondocking, a website dedicated to the full-time, dry camping lifestyle. After a couple decades of RVing he has learned a few things the hard way!



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