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Auto air conditioning repair is often compared to a detective's job. Problems may occur in any part of the air conditioner and at times it is not possible to identify the exact nature of the problem, hence it becomes necessary to contact a mechanic who is well versed in the repair of an air conditioning system.

Auto air conditioning may be damaged by leakage in systems, low level of refrigerants, clogging in condensers, and failure of compressors. Some of the problems are simple and can be handled on your own. Some others need technicians to perform the task. To facilitate this, a number of auto repair shops are available. Along with basic auto mechanic tools, some specialty tools are also needed, this depends on the type and area where repairing services are needed. Air conditioning repair manuals serve as ideal companions when repairs are needed.

There are certain facts one must know about auto air conditioning repair. A/Cs are designed to keep the vehicles cool. The repairers must be familiar with five important components, such as compressor, refrigerant, condenser, expansion valve, and dryer or evaporator. In some vehicles, accumulator and orifice tubes are used instead of expansion valves and dryers. One must have a detailed knowledge of the whole mechanism involved in air conditioning systems.

A proper mechanic can check out leakages without pulling the machine parts apart. In addition to basic components, other accessories including switches, fuses, wires, and fan belts are checked as part of auto air conditioning repair.

Auto air conditioning repair is quite expensive. Most of the auto part stores sell air conditioning parts at a high cost. Hence, expenditure is high even if repairs are carried out by vehicle owners themselves.

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Air conditioning service to ensure good and quality air conditioning service
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