Helmet Law Stays in Michigan

Marsha Maung

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Many states have, over the years, repealed the helmet requirement law because many bikers and ATV riders argued that they, adults, should be given the choice to choose between whether to wear one or not. “With due respect, I know that helmets can save lives but with this law, it’s seriously making us feel like children on tricycles. It’s not that I have anything against wearing helmets when I am on my ATV or anything…but it’s a matter of whether I am given the choice or not", says Frank Butcher regarding this matter.

Wisconsin have repealed their law about helmet requirement some time back and now it seems that bikers and policitians in Michigan are at each other’s neck trying to get the law repealed too. In June 2006, State Governor Jennifer Granholm refused to allow a bill to be passed – the bill sought to have the helmet-wearing law repealed. Despite warnings of putting her career and position as a politician in danger, she stood her ground.

“On this issue, the evidence is clear, motorcycle helmets save lives and reduce serious injury, " Granholm said when she vetoed against the bill being passed. It seems that the Governor is going to stand her ground despite jeopardizing her career as a Governor in Michigan.

Granholm’s argument’s got meat while bikers think that even when and if the bill is passed, many bikers may still continue to use the helmet whenever riding the ATV. This is their personal choice. And as with the other 30 states that has repealed their law regarding this matter, bikers felt that it was unfair to impose something like this on them because they should be allowed to make a choice between wearing a helmet or not.

On another note, it seems that bikers agree that children and youth riders SHOULD continue to wear the helmet. The law can require children and youth ATV riders below the age of 21 to wear the helmet. As far as adult bikers and ATV riders are concerned, there is a general sentiment that they should be given the chance to choose.

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