Halloween Is Scary For Child Pedestrians


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The hot summer months of July and August have been considered as the scariest and deadliest months for teenage drivers. And if you think the scary driving experience is over, then you would have to go about and read this.

According to statistics from traffic and transport groups, Halloween night is one of the scariest nights for child pedestrians. This is simply not because these kids might find lots of scares and shrieks as they go about trick or treating. Primarily, this is because during such a night, there are plenty of kids roaming in the streets and if you do add the high number of teenage drivers and drunk drivers moving about the streets riding in all their Ford LTD parts glory, everything really does go scary.

One of the industry’s leaders when providing automotive information have come up with help from one of the experts when it comes to Halloween, Elvira, who is also known as the Mistress of the Dark. Together, they have sent out tips and tricks to keep kids and children safe while they scare and have fun on the night of Halloween. You may want to share these tips with your children and your nephews and nieces and whoever little kid you may have right there listening to you.

The Road Is Not A Playground.

Elvira says that it would be best if you would keep all your blood and guts to yourself. Sharing them with the road is going to be icky. So if you are going trick or treating, make sure that you walk on the right side of the road – the sidewalk. It would even be better if you have a very responsible grown up with you. And if you need to cross the street, make sure that you look both ways just as you would any ordinary day. Halloween may be a big event but it does not change the same old traffic rules.

Dress Up And Flaunt It.

As much as possible, try wearing something very bright and reflective. Those huge black sheets of cloth have been used for ages already and it is perhaps time that you changed the concept of dressing up for Halloween. You see, by dressing up in something bright, drivers can actually see you and thus avoid you. And, you can flaunt your costume to everybody. They would not have to go looking for a flashlight just to see how scary you look.

Trick Or Treat Yourself To Somewhere Safe.

It would be best if you would be doing your trick or treating somewhere safe. Halloween may be a night of scaring yourself and other people but it would do you no good if you find yourself in front of oncoming headlights. Too bad if that happens. You would not be able to enjoy the rest of the night at all. So try finding an area to go trick or treating that has a low amount of traffic passing through.

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