Top 7 Tips On How To Beat The Speeding Ticket


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It you have been driving for any length of time, you most certainly have come across one or more occasions where you were caught speeding. It is always an unpleasant experience to be pulled over by a police officer and to be handed a speeding ticket.

However, there are ways you could be savvier and avoid getting caught speeding:

* On a road with more than two lanes, drive in the middle lane. When you drive in the middle lane, nestled in the middle a bunch of speeding cars, you are less likely to be picked up by the radar detector and by the police officers. Instead, vehicles in front of or on the side of this speeding pack will more likely be caught for speeding. Driving in the middle lane also allows you to spot police officers easier than driving in the outside lanes

* Avoid changing lanes frequently as it tends to draw attention from the police who are on the lookout for vehicles weaving in and out of the lanes. It is best to stay in one lane and drive at around the same speed as those cars around you. It will make you less noticeable to the police and less likely to be picked up by the radar detectors.

* Drive up behind or beside another motorist who is driving over the speed limit and then take note of his speed, After having done so, slow down and pull back a bit so that your speed is slightly slower than his. So in case the car in front suddenly brakes to avoid a speed trap, you will have enough time to slow down before the cops can record your speed, while the car in front will be more likely to be fined a speeding ticket.

However, if you still get pulled over despite the above precautions, you could still possibly wiggle your way out of a speeding ticket with just a warning from the police officer:

* Having a good attitude helps. Addressing the officer respectfully, referring to him or her as “Officer" and paying close attention to what the officer is saying will help. Furthermore, if this is your first infraction and you did not go too much over the speed limit, the police officer may be inclined to just give you a warning.

* Having a bad attitude and cursing at the police officer will only result in a hefty fine. If the officer sees that you are not taking the situation seriously, the officer is more likely to go ahead with the citation in order to teach you a lesson.

* Do not admit to the police officer that you did actually break the speed limit. Doing so would limit your option in court and leave you no room to plead not guilty in court. If you take full responsibility while the officer is writing up the speeding ticket, the officer will testify to that in court. You would have lost the case on the spot, and you would have to pay the full penalty.

If you still get a speeding ticket though, it might then be a good idea to consult with attorneys who specialize in traffic violations, or with retired police officers who provide speeding ticket consultations, as their expertise may help you take advantage of lesser known loopholes.

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