Ford To Get Help From Other Automakers?


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In Dearborn, Michigan, the Ford Motor Company is trying to get right back on its feet after suffering several blows to its finances. And it looks like the company that used to be one of the giants and movers in the auto industry is now considering the idea of forming alliances so as to help them regain what they lost.

According to sources, this auto manufacturer is looking at the situation and is considering if alliances would be helpful to the company. The company is even thinking of having other auto companies and manufacturers as their alliances. Perhaps this is because the company believes that the other car makers would be able to assist them pick up the pieces.

Though the company would continuously be producing Ford Country Sedan parts and other Ford parts, products, and vehicles for the market, Ford would be undergoing a restructuring. It would be William Clay Ford Jr. , the chief executive for the company, who would be taking the lead in the whole restructuring process. And it seems like Ford has already been able to communicate with the chief person for the Nissan and Renault brands, Carlos Ghosn. However, what happened during the meeting was not announced to the public for Ford believes that the topic is quite sensitive on their part.

On the other hand, it seems like such a meeting between Ford and Ghosn had helped lift up the company’s shares. In fact, investors may have found the act to be an intelligent move for the Ford Motor Company. The Ford shares have risen some 34 cents which is a good movement at that.

The alliance was not yet confirmed and put in paper. As per the talk between Ford and Ghosn, it seems like this was just Ford’s way of checking which auto companies would best be included in the alliance that would help out the company. There are no reports at present regarding Ford having meetings and conversations with other heads of auto companies. One source even states, “There is outreach of all kinds – it’s not just Ford talking to people, it’s people talking to one another. You have to be prepared and game things out in a lot of ways. "

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