Can You Really Get A Deal At A Government Seized Car Auction


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Many car dealers have been quietly making large profits for quite a long time now, by buying cars at well below market value using a source many have heard of but few have done serious research on. There sources are the many government seized car auctions and seized car lots that hold sales regularly all across the united states.

Here is some information on 2 types of auctions that are very popular today where you can buy many seized vehicles well below market value. Live government auctions and online government auctions. With online auctions you have the convenience of being able to participate in your own home and browse huge selections of automobiles easily. However a picture online is only worth so many words, which makes it difficult to get a complete assessment of a vehicle. Another disadvantage of online government auctions is the fact they tend to draw more people which means more competition and higher overall prices on average, but not always. There are many times where you can sill get a fantastic deal online, do not be to quick to discount the validity of getting a great deal from these types of auctions.

Live auctions which are the venue most people think of when they think of auctions in general are where those who really want get a bargain tend to go. The reasoning is simple, it takes time and effort to locate and drive to an auction and inspection location. Then you have to deal directly with people. When you combine all these factors together many people are simply to lazy and will not put in the effort to actually go to a live government auto auction.

This is where the great opportunity and huge savings come from for those willing to go the extra mile. For those who are fearless and serious about buying a car at a large discount, a live government seized auto auction is the place you want to be. Don't get me wrong, this isn't all picking daisies, odds are there will be other people who are also fearless and determined who will be at these auctions. But there are way fewer people at live auction then those looking to participate online.

Also note that auctions that seem a bit out of the way can present even better opportunities. Think of it like this when looking over auctions. The more reasons to make people not want to go to a specific auction the better for those willing to go to those particular auctions.

So if your one of those people who are serious about saving potentially thousands of dollars when buying a car, live government seized car auctions are worth your time and effort. Like just about anything in life, The person willing to do what the next guy won't usually wins, at just about everything.

Are you one of those people who is willing to do with the next guy wont? Now you just need to know whats your next step. - Click Here For more information and location details of government auctions in your area and region. You can also visit us at -


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Government Seized Car Auctions - How They Work For You
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