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With the advent of modern technology, a lot more people are enticed to own their own vehicle, thus emissions of these vehicles pose a threat of causing air pollution. There is nothing wrong with modern technology, especially if it is beneficial to all, but if it causes air pollution because of the continuous increase in car emissions, this becomes a problem. And because of this problem, automotive engineers have figured out a solution and that is to integrate EGR valves on automobiles.

The main function of the EGR or the exhaust gas recirculation valve is to reduce oxidation of nitrogen through the reduction of combustion temperature. The combustion temperature can only be reduced when the EGR valves send some of the exhaust gas through the intake manifold back into the cylinders. When the combustion temperature is very hot, there is a reaction between nitrogen and two other byproducts, and this process forms nitrogen oxide. When this nitrogen oxide is released into the atmosphere, it mixes with oxygen and becomes nitrogen dioxide. When nitrogen dioxide combines with other compounds like hydrocarbons in the presence of sunlight, smog is formed that is basically a pollutant.

With an EGR valve on a vehicle, the combustion temperature can be regulated, so it will not become too hot, thus preventing the nitrogen to react with other compounds. In other words, through the use of the EGR valve, it is possible to lower the combustion temperature to lower the amount of nitrous oxide produced. Therefore, this process prohibits the formation of smog that is a harmful threat to the environment.

With this important function that EGR valves do, it is really important that they come standard in vehicles. Basically, there are two types of EGR valves that can are included in vehicles. One uses a vacuum in order to operate, and the other operates through pressure. Even though both vary in their means of operation, they are similar in their function to allow exhaust gas in so as to lower the combustion temperature.

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