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Are you working on a chemical or pharmaceutical process industry? Or do you have experience working in textile manufacturing? If you do, perhaps you know ball valves are parts of quarter turn valves or rotary valves. By turning a handle that is attached to a ball that is inside the valve, the valves open. They then move in response to fluid or mechanical pressure.

Inside the valve, there is a ball that has a port, which is actually a hole at the middle. When this hole is aligned with both valve ends, liquid can flow easily through it. After the valve has been closed, the hole becomes perpendicular to the valve ends impeding the flow of liquid.

Lots of different industries make use of ball valves in order to control fluid. Some of these industries are oil and gas manufacturers, chemical and petrochemical manufacturers, paper manufacturers, the textile manufacturing, power plants, steel manufacturers, pharmaceuticals processing and water and sewage plants.

There are two types of ball valves: the full port and the standard port. A full port ball valve makes use of an oversize ball in order to allow unrestricted flow. The size of the ball and the pipeline are identical, so this has a lower loss of friction. A standard port, on the other hand, has a slightly controlled flow and makes use of a smaller ball. This ball is smaller than the pipeline, and it also has a smaller port. The valve’s pipe is one pipe size bigger than the standard port in which the liquid flows.

The use of the different types of ball valves gives numerous advantages to many industries in the world today. Without these ball valves, controlling fluid will certainly be a big concern of these manufacturing and processing companies.

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