Did You Have The Front End Aligned After Driving Over Those Potholes?

Tommy Sessions

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You had two new tires put on the front of your Toyota Camry the other day.

They said you had to have the front end aligned.

So you let them do it.

You noticed they charged extra for it.

On your way home you got to wondering if it really needed ‘aligning’. . . or was that just a “shop-rip-off?

If the front tires weren't wearing out on the inside, you wouldn't have bought those new ones in the first place.

This was not just a sales pitch to get more money.

You really should have the front, and rear, aligned at least once a year no matter what shape your tires are in.

With the way cars are built now, the rear suspension is just as important for road handling, and should be aligned, also.

If you don't have the front end aligned, the new tires will start wearing also. . .

and it won't be long before you'll have to have them replaced. . .

"alignment" means to set the tires so as they are aligned to keep your car, going straight, and get more miles from your tires.

The price of a front end alignment is far less than a new set of tires every six months. :-)

You have no way of knowing when your vehicle's toe-in/out gets out of alignment until you see the ‘wear-marks’ on the tires. . .

Then it's too late to save the tires. . . once they start wearing, they will continue to wear, no matter what you do.

Well, there is one thing you can do to keep a tire from wearing once it has started. . . buy a new one and put that one in the trunk! :-)

Tommy Sessions has been in auto repair since 1970. He publishes Auto Repair Answers Newsletter so you can learn how to keep your vehicle looking new, running safely and efficiently, while you save money and time. . . also, learn how to avoid shop rip offs. Don't be at the mercy of the dealerships and auto repair shops. . . they will have more respect for you.


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Aligned with Truckers: Haweka Axis500
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