A Few Things to Know to Keep Your Engine in Good Shape

David Atkin

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Theses are a few easy steps to help you get more power out of your engine.

1. Air Cleaner Sizing: How big should your air cleaner be? K&N supplies the following formulas for figuring out air cleaner size.
A= CID * RPM / 25.00
A= the effective filter area.

2. To determine the total height (Including the rubber sealing edges) H= A / D*3.14 + .75
D is the maximum diameter that will fit under the hood of your car.

2. Valve train geometry: In order for an engine to run properly at high rpm, the valve train geometry must be absolutely prefect. That of course isn’t a big secret. But what affects the geometry? There are a number of factors, but the following is a good place to begin: Changes in the stem length, lifter length, block height (includes cylinder
head and block milling), camshaft base circle are all critical when it come to valve train geometry.

3. Bent Push Rods:
If you bend one or more of your push rods for no apparent reason, Crane Cams suggests that you are experiencing some form of mechanical interference in the valve train, The places to look the rocker arm to stud clearance, valve spring coil bind interference between the retainer and the valve seal, or the retainer and the valve guide. In addition, high engine rpm, might be causing the valves to hit the pistons, which in turn binds the push rods. Be sure to check all theses areas if you’re having this problem.

4. Oil Viscosity:

Which oil viscosity is right for your car?

Application Viscosity

Street Driving: 10 W 30
Blown Nitro: 70 Weight
Blown Alcohol: 60 Weight Blown Gas: 50 Weight
Normally Aspirated Alcohol: 50 Weight
Normally Aspirated Gasoline: 20 W 50
Circle Track Alcohol: 50 Weight
Drag Racing – Pump Gas: 10 W 40
Propylene Oxide Enhanced: 20 W 50
N20 with Gasoline: 50 Weight

I've been in the automotive business for about 20 or 25 years, I have worked in all facets of the industry, from parts to restoration, all different makes and models, I just want to keep people interested in the old cars because it's where my heart is.

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