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Facebook Stories Part 2 – The Seek Social Team’s Tips for Facebook Engagement!


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Be Unique… Facebook stories are intrinsically linked to the stories features on other platforms like Instagram. As a result you can certainly re-use social media content across platforms. However, one of the Seek Social team’s top tips for Facebook stories is to remind you that this isn’t always a good idea. To maximise the Facebook engagement you get from stories, you need to consider the natural traits of each platform… By all means, re-use social media content where and when it fits, but don’t force it… Be Brand-Focused… With Facebook, things like filters, on screen text and more are easy to add to your stories.

That makes it easy to ensure that your social media content fits in with your brand’s existing image. For example, Seek Social might use a blue filter and other similar elements to keep the overall look and feel in line with what you’ll find on our logo, website etc. An added bonus is that this also makes your content stand out.

Standing out makes it easier for people to identify the content as being part of your brand, or identify your brand itself. Put all of that together, and it adds up to content that’s primed to provide great Facebook engagement! Create Exciting Time-Sensitive Social Media Content… Facebook stories exist for only 24 hours. So, the next of our top tips for Facebook engagement using stories is to capitalise on that! Seek Social think the best way to do so is to create ‘FOMO’, or the ‘Fear Of Missing Out’. For example, time-limited competitions, giveaways, short term discount codes and so on will all get the attention of your audience. To maximise your engagement we’d recommend making such posts a regular feature in your social media content. However, don’t forget to keep changing the exact date and time too! That way people know something good is on the way, but they’re not sure when, so they keep checking back… This will generate both traffic and Facebook engagement opportunities for you! Deliver Unforgettable Experiences… One of the Seek Social team’s biggest tips for Facebook stories is to remember that they are extremely versatile.

No matter whether you’re using video or pictures, stories allow you to craft unique social media content, and crate longer and more varied lead-ins to big announcements by mixing photo and video content. All of this means that the next time you take your customers and fans behind the scenes, or do a big product reveal, the experience you give them will be that much more unforgettable… and that much more likely to generate Facebook engagement! Focus on More Than Promotion… Self-promotion should most certainly should be a key part of your social media marketing strategy. However – the next Seek Social Facebook engagement tip is a reminder that it shouldn’t be the only thing you post about.

As we’ve mentioned in the tips for Facebook and other platforms that we’ve brought to you in the blog of late, don’t forget that your customers and fans also want to get to know your business on a more personal level. Mix in stories that celebrate milestones in company history, or staff birthdays (like Seek Social did recently). Things like video clips of business-related events that you’ve attended, or pieces of industry news are also great to use.

Posts like these will help keep your social media content varied but relevant, while also offering the personal touch that your audience is craving! Use Multiple Voices… Facebook stories essentially give you an extra channel to use on the same platform. Therefore, it’s great for trying out new things, or different ways of presenting your social media content. Seek Social call this your ‘voice’, but like an impressionist, you can have more than one! In fact, alternative voices can be very useful as they’ll resonate well with different audiences.

You might even think about teaming up with relevant online influencers too… It can lend extra weight to what you’re saying, and draw their audiences to your content. In any case, using multiple voices is likely to increase your overall audience, thereby bringing in more people to provide you with opportunities for Facebook engagement!.


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