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The Keys to Viral Video Production Part 2


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Lets pick up where we left off on viral video production with some more pointers on how to get the most from your potential viral video.

5. Commenting:

A lot of the big players on YouTube have a number of different accounts. A really simply and great way to up the number of people that view the your video is by creating some sort of controversy in the comments below the video. You could have a few people in the office log in through out the first 48 hours of putting the video online and post some heated comments leading into a debate. People like a heated debate, its more interesting than being agreeable all the time, so try to attach that to your brand/start-up. Also, don’t be worried about deleting comments, if someone says something derogatory or negative feel free to delete it and not let that taint everyone else’s opinion. The average is about 1 comment to every 1000 views as most people viewing the content aren’t logged in, but well placed controversial comment can engage viewers and drive more traffic back to your website.

6. Releasing Videos Simultaneously:

Clients tend to think that if they have 5 viral video productions they should drip feed them and upload one every few days in order to keep views anticipating the next one. We don’t agree with this form on video marketing, if you have multiple videos you should post them all at once. When someone watches one of the videos and keen to see more, why should you lose out on that view? What’s to say there going to come back tomorrow or next week? They are keen now so now is when we have the best chance of having them click through to the website.

7. Tagging

As you probably know platforms like YouTube allow users to add keywords and tags to help videos show up in the relevant searches. For the first week that your video is online, we recommend that you don’t add any keywords relevant to your content and instead you can use the tags to control the videos that show up in the ‘Related Videos” box. So find out what’s hot around the same time your releasing your viral video production and get related to that. When views start to drop off after a few days you can then change the tags to something more specific and hope you’ve generated enough initial traffic to keep the momentum up.

8. Measure to Improve.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it!” Someone once said… So make sure each video has a relative url so you can identify and track the inbound links easier wit tools like Google Analytics and other metric tools. Look up TubeMogal and VidMetrix also as they can track views, comments and ratings on every video and display the information in easy to understand visuals while providing reports on the viral video’s spread externally from YouTube and throughout the internet.

So viral video production is changing and the competition is getting stronger. You can’t just rely on content that has LEGS – Laugh / Edgy / Gripping / Sexual. You have to consider how your going to seed it, what the thumbnail should be, how to create controversy while being clever with your tagging and distribution. It takes a lot of time, energy and hard work but if you put all the elements we’ve spoken about together and stay consistent it will pay off!


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