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How to Do Face Paint

Kim Chariz Levita

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You can see face paintings in any kinds of face painting in any kinds of events. But you can also do face painting even when there is no occasion. Hiring a professional face painter is a bit expensive so let’s do the painting all by ourselves or we can do it with friends. It will really be great and fun and this will be a break where you can showcase you artistic side. Just choose a theme of what you want to paint on your face and what you want to portray. It could be a butterfly, spider, zombie, fairy or witch. But before anything else, you have to consider your safety when choosing the tools to use. So here are some of the tips that will help you.

  1. Know what you want

Before doing the face painting, you must have the final look of what you want to paint on your face. Don’t do the painting as you go along without any visualization of what you want to look like. The tendency when you just apply and apply without a clear picture in mind is that in the end you will not be satisfied and you will erase it off and try again. This is such a waste in time, effort and money for the paint.

  1. Use a sponge

It is better to use a sponge when painting a large area or when you put on a base color. Using the sponge makes the work done faster than a brush. It is also better if you use different kinds of sponge on different colors so that you will not need to wash them each time you need to use another paint color. The same goes to brushes.

  1. Be patient and thin

When you paint the first color, let it be completely dry first before applying the second color. Because the tendency when you apply the second color immediately after the first one is that the colors will mix and you will have to erase it and start over again because the desired look is not achieved. Also when you apply, just apply the paint thinly. Not only will it make the drying faster, but also avoids cracking of the paint.

  1. Ghostly effects

The basic paint on your face serves as a glue. Soak a cotton wool on paint, then put it in your face covered with a tissue, then paint that area again. You may also use rice grains as warts, covered again with a tissue and paint.

  1. Wipe away mistakes

We can never avoid mistakes. But minor mistakes can still be helped by just erasing that area with not having to start all over again. But erasing it by just using your hand or cloth is messier. But it is more convenient to use baby wipes when erasing since it is safer to use on face and can erase the dirt away easier and faster.

  1. Save it

Face painting is a bit expensive, and really requires time and effort. So by the time you are done doing the face paint be careful that your face won’t be touched for it might get smudged most especially when it is still wet.

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