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Doszkocs visual Gallery

Zsuzsa Doszkocs

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Zsuzsa Doszkocs (disabled, realist paintress) visual gallery of realism - Szentendre, other towns, Rusyn churchs. landcapes, flowers (still-lifes, wild flowers. . . ), people (religious picture, portrait, nude, . . . ), animals, illustrations and other pictures. Website for pictures (painting, graphics, pastel, drawing), videos, E-Cards, wallpapers and more. . .in Hungary.

I was born on Mélykút.
That village is very important to me, because as a child I got my first Experiences about the atmosphere of solidarity and affection there. The time I spent there tought me endurance and industry, the guidance of people living there is still following me, and fortunately it influences my whole life. . .

We moved to Szentendre when I was nine. I had fortune again with this little town. It is famous for its diverse nationalities and tolerance, which eased our integration into the local society. Unfortunately it turned out that I have slow progressive myopathia, but even with this disease my classmates accepted and supported me. After the high school graduation I found a job and carried on studying to be a computer programmer in this town until I lost my ability to walk.

From the age of forty I have been living at the Respiration Rehabilitation Department of the János Hospital - Buda. On 19th August 1998. I fell into coma, because my respiration muscles were Attacked by my myopathia. A laryngotomy saved my life and since then I have been living with a respirator. I wanted to live so strongly that during the coma in the unconsciousness I kept saying to myself “. . . forty, forty. . . ", because I insisted on living and wanted to reach that age!

The love of my family helped me all through the sufferings at all spots of my life during my slow decay. I owe them that I still like living with this serious disease. . . .
There are three spots of my life to which I can thank many things: The 9 years of childhood in Mélykút gave me the strenght, The 30 years in Szentendre, the city of arts, gave me the inspiration, And the Respiration Rehabilitation Department of the Childrenhospital - Buda gave me the opportunity to draw (with crayon and Charcoal) and paint (with acril).
Due to the caring and patient love of my family my colours and themes could remain delightful even if I am ill. My destiny proved that my life is meaningful even with such a disease, moreover the disease might have been the reason why I started to draw and paint. . . My native village rewarded my willpower to live and my art
with the “Freeman" title - exactly 8 years after my coma- on 19th August, 2006.

“. . . God, please help me though all hardships and pain.
Let me into Nirvana, I so desperately wish to gain.
And as the oyster from the dirt gives a shining pearl,
I wish I could share a shiny miracle of me with the world. "

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