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How to Draw That Muscle Car You Always Dreamed Of!

Lukas Niklasson

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So you like those spectacular muscle cars with all that raw power? And you wish you could actually draw some of them? Maybe you're like me, you just want to hang a drawing of your favorite muscle car up on your garage wall?

What you need is a good sharp pencil, a great eraser, a reference picture or real model of the car and of course a clean sheet of paper. The size I usually pick is A3 as it's pretty big so you can add those details that will make your admirers worship you. ;-)

Now let's get into business, let's start drawing that muscle car! I will write down how to draw cars step by step:

1. Study the reference car, try to focus on the “outer-lines" of the car. . . don't get into the fine details just yet. So once you feel you got a good idea of the car, you look a little bit more ;-)

2. Start drawing with thin easy lines what you have just looked at, the outer-lines of the muscle car. It's important not to start spending too much time on small details at this stage. . . its better if you get a good foundation first! So keep working with the thin and easy lines until you feel you have the general shape of the car.

3. Add the wheels once you feel the shape of the car is there. Keep in mind that the wheels are probably the hardest part of the entire drawing, but they are very important as anyone can see if a wheel isn't correct. So spend much time to get the shape of the wheels right.

4. Ok so now you got the toughest part done. . . now the fun begins! Adding details! Add the mirrors, wheel design, air intake, windows, interior and all that.

5. Now you should have a great shaped car with lots of details to it. It should look really good, if it doesn't go back and work on it until you feel satisfied. When you feel it looks great, then you add the shading to the car. I always do this as the last step since it's very easy to make the whole drawing look dirty and messy once you get the shading there. So it should be the last thing you do.

So there you go, now you should have a nice muscle car drawing! Or maybe I'm rushing you here. . . maybe you need to get a few drawings before you're happy with it. It takes much patience and lots of practice to draw a car.

Lukas Niklasson is the associated editor to the website How to draw cars a website dedicated to help people improve their car drawings. Now its also possible for visitors to upload their car drawings.


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